Moab is a small town found in the east side of central Utah. It’s known for its incredible mountain biking, massive red rock formations, and beautiful desert landscapes. In this post, you’ll find some fun sites to hit while in Moab for a short weekend getaway.

Friday Early Afternoon:


In the curly world, we hear the same thing all the time, “but my curl just isn’t like your’s!” Whether it’s frizz, stringy curls, straight roots, straight on top, unpredictability, or anything else, curlies have dealt with it. You name it, and there’s a story of a journey.

SO… In…

Sydnee Rumsey

Hi I’m Sydnee, but you can call me Syd. I’m a freelance writer with a passion for all things natural — natural living, natural curl, and, well, just nature!

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